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What is Ayahuasca

What is Ayahuasca?

If you have heard lately of people taking spiritual journeys and traveling to experience Ayahuasca, then you are not alone. Ayahuasca is quickly becoming one of the most popular things to do and is highly entangled with travel to create a cohesive experience. This psychoactive brew is designed to provide you with an experience that can vary from being calming to giving you energy. Part of the appeal of Ayahuasca is how it can enhance almost any experience and the wide range of experiences that people are able to extract from it. While many look at this brew as simply a recreational herb, that’s not always the case. In fact, since it has begun to become more popular, more and more people and scientists are starting to discover that there are various health benefits that come along with Ayahuasca.

About Ayahuasca

Before you take Ayahuasca or can fully understand what it can do for you, you need to understand what exactly Ayahuasca is and what its origin is. Ayahuasca is a brew that is made from the leaves of a particular plant known as the psychotria viridis. In ancient times, this drink was used as a holistic treatment for health reasons, but was primarily well-known for being a spiritual and religious drink to assist in worship. Traditionally, a healer in the ancient communities would brew the drink and administer it to those in need.

How do people use Ayahuasca?

Traditionally, as you know, Ayahuasca was used as a religious and spiritual drink. While people today probably don’t subscribe to the same religious and spiritual beliefs as ancient civilizations that used this drink, it is still used as a drink with the purpose for opening minds and putting yourself into an open mindset. It is also used on a psychological level to help deal with past trauma or simply to take yourself on a mental and spiritual journey of discovery.

People that use Ayahuasca today generally do so with an experienced Shaman that knows how to administer the brew, which is highly recommended. Those that do take the brew also should be supervised by a Shaman or others who can be sure that they don’t cause harm to themselves since the brew is known to lead to an altered state of consciousness. This can last for several hours after the brew is taken.

Health benefits of Ayahuasca

Though this brew has been used for hundreds of years to enhance spiritual and religious experiences and encounters, there are also many proven health benefits of the brew that modern-day people sometimes utilize it for. Ayahuasca is known to help benefit brain health, psychological well-being, treat depression, improve anxiety, and more soothing and calming effects. The fact that it has been used in multiple ways and can help you to achieve several different goals makes it one of the most versatile drinks out there and has led to its maintained popularity throughout the years. While there are many studies to suggest that there are proven positive effects from taking Ayahuasca, scientists maintain that more research is needed in order to come to anything conclusive.

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